Vanesa’s Story


“Twenty six years ago, I was born in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Growing up in Argentina I was exposed to the Latin culture, language, and beliefs. A little later in life, my family decided that it was time to venture into the United States in search of better opportunities. As a young girl, I came to New Jersey and began my schooling here in the U.S. Growing up, I was lucky to attend a great public school in Newark, NJ. Learning the English language was a challenge at first especially since both of my parents spoke only Spanish at home. Slowly, I was able to progress in English and shortly after I became fluent. As for my parents, who were in their early 40’s and working two blue-collar jobs to support their family, it was a little more difficult for them to adapt to English.

All throughout high school, my parents had continuously encouraged me to do well in school and to be an A+ student. Perhaps they weren’t able to help me complete my English projects or study for a History test, but my parents were there to ensure I succeeded. With their support, I was able to do well and eventually get a full scholarship for Saint Peter’s College, Jersey City, NJ. As neither of my parents had the opportunity to attend college, it was an extreme blessing for me to not only attend college, but to do so with a full ride. Read more…