Ioana’s Story


“The thought of studying abroad was new to me. At first it sounded unreal, something I would not have followed through, requiring me to leave behind everything dear and familiar: my family, friends, and places where I loved to hang out. It was a scary thought. Yet the idea of starting something new, different, something I believed in and that would enable me to create my future, was telling me to go and at least try. So I went, full of excitement. I remember riding my first airplane, experiencing my first turbulences, meeting new people that would eventually become my friends, hating the food yet loving cookies.

Everything was new, some of which I loved, some of which I didn’t. The one thing I knew though is that I had one purpose: create my future. It did not take me long to realize what a difference there was between what I imagined and what reality really was. It was only after all the blink and amazement had worn off that my future really started to take shape. Cultural exposure, people and of course school, were to become my life for the next five years.
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