Franky’s Story


“Success is the measure of a person’s life story. I have great admiration for my parents for doing so much with so little. Their success is not defined by the little wealth they have accumulated or the dream of home ownership. Their success lies in the challenges of being productive citizens. I am able to write this article because by statistical chance, my father and mother shared their success. It is far too easy in our entitlement generation to label ourselves successful, and it would be disingenuous to label myself as such. Instead, I would rather write about how I may one day be successful like my parents. Their rules for success are rather simple: work and knowledge.

There is no substitute for knowledge. My parents had never had an opportunity to further their education past sixth grade; out of consequences and missed opportunities, they chose a life of physical work. Education was the most important lesson my parents taught my sister and I. In hindsight, I could not be more grateful for my parents constantly praising the importance of an education. My diploma (or “that” piece of paper as my father would say) is the lottery he never won. I know my parents are proud that they were able to see both their children graduate college.Read more…