People with Disabilities

Disability in America

Physical disability is no barrier to physical achievement. Anyone who has ever watched a single event of the Paralympics could attest to this statement. The inspiring athletes of the Paralympics participate in events as diverse and challenging as Canoe, Skiing, Bobsled, Cycling, Rugby, Judo and Tennis.

Persistence in Spite of Disability

The athletes who participate in the world renown Paralympics events might be born with their disability, like Rebecca Hart, an international Para-Equestrienne, national champion and title holder, or they might have lost their sight or limbs throughout their life’s journey, like Kortney Clemons, 100 m sprint gold medalist at the U.S: Paralympics Track and Field National Championships in Florida in 2010. Intellectual disability or mental impairment is also not a barrier to a productive life as the children and adults of the Special Olympics prove it again and again.
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