Deanna’s Story


“I have always believed that women were capable of doing everything that men could do. In my opinion women have always had to fight harder to prove to everyone else that they were capable of achieving the highest standards of society, more than the traditional expectations of managing a household. Women who pursue their dreams despite society’s discouragement are the strongest kind of women. Women who fight the stereotypes everyday are the bravest kind of women. We live in an era where women are given the tools necessary to succeed in whatever they choose to do. Through struggle, we become stronger and when we face our fears, we hold the power to do anything we set our minds to. I found my strength when I started to believe in myself, when I believed that I could do anything if I worked hard. It’s not worth it if it’s easy.

My grandfather once told me, in my time of need, to “never let anything scare you so much that you feel like you have to stop living”. This was right after 9-11 happened and I was traumatized by the television’s constant reminders that none of us were safe. The surprising part of this story is that I’m from Maine and had only been to New York once with my grandfather and parents. I had never seen the Twin Towers. So my grandfather being the kind of man that he was, took me to Manchester Airport. He made me watch the planes take off and that’s when he told me his legendary quote. It was a legendary quote to me. I lived by it. Read more…