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Going to College

The challenges of college years begin before you even leave high school. The decision of which college to attend is crucial. This is likely one of the most important decisions taken in your life to date. What makes the decision so tricky is that there is no simple answer to the question: “Which is the best college for me?”

How to Choose a College?

Different colleges will offer different benefits or drawbacks. For example, a confident and vocal student may thrive in a large college, diving right into college life with great enthusiasm and no feelings of shyness or reserve. A quieter student may find a large and bustling campus overwhelming. Not being assertive enough in class, he or she may feel invisible and unimportant.

Then, there are the tuition fees to consider. Going to college out-of-state is a thrilling but costly experience. Going to college in-state is definitely the cheaper option and yet perhaps there is a scholarship or grant available that would make an out-of-state college feasible? Would it be better to do two years at a community college and then transfer credits to a four-year program? Read more…