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In Greek mythology, Mentor was the friend who was entrusted with the care of Odysseus’ son and palace when Odysseus
himself went off to fight the Trojan War. …

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Financial Aid

There is no question that college or university education is expensive, but the cost alone should not deter a determined student. There are several financial aid options open for application depending on the student’s financial needs and academic ability.


In today’s highly competitive job market, even with a perfect GPA, impressive extracurricular credentials and the backing of a top university degree, there is no guarantee that a candidate will be invited to interview much less get hired for a job.


In Greek mythology, Mentor was the friend who was entrusted with the care of Odysseus’ son and palace when Odysseus himself went off to fight the Trojan War. Because of this close relationship.




“I lived in the Flatbush area of Brooklyn until I was seven. Starting in the late 80’s, most of Brooklyn was ravaged by crime and drugs; Flatbush was no different. My mother and father were not together, so I lived with my mother and my father had visitation privileges. My father had moved upstate and out of the city when I was young, so I would see him on weekends. As it turned out, I was a very intelligent child, so when I started public school in Crown Heights (an adjacent neighborhood), I was placed in “gifted” classes. My father was concerned for my wellbeing because having grown up in underrepresented communities, he saw how even the most talented could be swallowed by life’s harsh realities.


“Success is the measure of a person’s life story. I have great admiration for my parents for doing so much with so little. Their success is not defined by the little wealth they have accumulated or the dream of home ownership. Their success lies in the challenges of being productive citizens. I am able to write this article because by statistical chance, my father and mother shared their success. It is far too easy in our entitlement generation to label ourselves successful, and it would be disingenuous to label myself as such. Instead, I would rather write about how I may one day be successful like my parents. Their rules for success are rather simple: work and knowledge.



Academic Resources

High School

The journey to adulthood is a thrilling one, full of new adventures and challenges, and the high school years constitute a defining part of it. High school also comes with new opportunities to learn to assert oneself or to explore aspects of one’s own personality that may demonstrate natural leadership or a quick-witted ability to think under pressure..

College | Undergrad

The challenges of college years begin before you even leave high school. The decision of which college to attend is crucial. This is likely one of the most important decisions taken in your life to date. What makes the decision so tricky is that there is no simple answer to the question: “Which is the best college for me?”

Graduate School

Some people go straight to graduate school after college while others choose to gain a few years work experience first. Still others may not have considered grad school until an unexpected period of unemployment or the desire to change career path makes it a sensible option.


Our mission is to create strong academic and career pathways that are accessible to diverse communities. We strive to level the playing field for all people regardless of race, gender, lifestyle or social status, and pave the way for a more culturally aware society.

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